Paykode let's you send and receive money without sharing your bank details.

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Don't say send me your account details (that's old fashioned), rather
Say I have sent you a paykode

The mordern way to send and receive payments. Or send a surprise gift to loved ones.

Paykode, safe & easy way to pay

Used and loved by celebrities and influencers like you.

With Paykode everyone is a celebrity… so surprise your loved one with a Paykode gift card today

Paykode is like writing a cheque

You don't border about the receivers bank details, you only care about the person getting paid.

Why people love Paykode?

Send & receive money without sharing bank details.
N0.1 app for Giveaways
Send money & AI-generated gift card for any occasion
Money on gift cards are redeemable to your bank account instantly
Confetti that carries excitement
Customizable gift card to suit your brand with pictures, audio, etc.

Paykode is Suitable for

Celebrity Giveaway

Reward fans and followers with a Paykode without requesting their bank details. Customize the giveaway with an AI-generated gift card message.

Birthday Gift

Surprise your friend or loved one by sending them a birthday gift using Paykode. Paykode will help you customize a birthday wish message with sparkling animation and a desired audio message for the celebrant.

Anniversary Gift Card

Whether you are celebrating your wedding anniversary Paykode helps you celebrate in style. With an AI-generated gift card, Paykode will write your anniversary message to your loved one.

TV and Radio Giveaways

Never ask your audience for their account details again. Paykode gift cards simplify rewarding listeners and viewers. Customize AI-generated cards with your audio and more.

Employee Reward

AI-generated template, customize it to your company’s design, attach a cash reward, and gift your employee for a job well done. Paykode employee reward gets employees motivated to do more.

Customer Reward

Customer Reward: Show appreciation to loyal customers by gifting them with Paykode gift cards. Add an AI-generated template, customize it to show your brand identity, attach a cash reward, and send to customers to build strong customer relationships.

Also available on Paykode



We at Paykode are commited to simplify every step of your payment needs. Paying your electricity bill on Paykode affords you the ability to get your utillity bills receipt whenever you needs it.

Why buy electricity on Paykode?
Zero Service Charge
Fast & easy to buy power
Utillity Bills receipt anytime you need it.

Airtime & Data

Looking for swift delivery, use Paykode to buy aitime and enjoy swift service delivery.

Data is life, so buying data with Paykode is a big savings for you. As you can get 1GB 30 days data bundle for as low as N310.



TV Subscription

Pay your cable subscription without transaction charges, Paykode cable subscription is fast and easy.

Open Account

You can also easily access and manage your Paykode profile by opening an account via your web browser.

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