AI Generated
Gift Cards

Used and loved by celebrities and influencers
like you.

With Paykode everyone is a celebrity… so surprise your loved one with a Paykode gift card today

Spray Note
Gift Card

Ceremonies have become less exciting because you can no longer spray money. Paykode Spray Notes restore the fun by providing the best and safest way to celebrate. Suitable for any event, Spray Notes come with a unique code that allows you to redeem the money using the Paykode App. Discover more about Spray Notes and bring the energy back to your celebrations.

Fast Pay

With Paykode Fast Pay, you can send and receive payments to and from anyone nearby without sharing bank information. Simply turn on your receive mode to accept money from people within a 100-meter radius. This feature eliminates the need to queue up for payments in supermarkets, restaurants, parks, event centers, and more. Discover the convenience of Paykode Fast Pay today.


Use Paykode for checkout on your favorite e-commerce platform and never expose your ATM card details to any website. Paykode secures your funds by enabling online payments without sharing your personal bank or ATM card information.

How it works

Generate a code with the payment amount.

Select Paykode during checkout.

Enter the code to complete the payment. That's it!

Safe Pay (Escrow)

Paykode protects you from online scams with Safe Pay, an automated escrow payment service for online purchases of goods and services. With Safe Pay, you'll never get scammed again, as it ensures you get your money back if the seller fails to deliver the item or service.

How it works

Either you or the seller can initiate the transaction.

You can create a Purchase Order and send it to the seller.

The seller can initiate the transaction by sending you an invoice requesting payment.

Also available on Paykode

                            Fast & easy to buy power.


We at Paykode are commited to simplify every step of your payment needs. Paying your electricity bill on Paykode affords you the ability to get your utillity bills receipt whenever you needs it.

Why buy electricity on Paykode?
Zero Service Charge
Fast & easy to buy power. Just transfer money to your dedicated acccount number and get your token on your phone in seconds. No more stress paying bills with paykode.
Utillity Bills receipt anytime you need it.

Airtime & Data

Looking for swift delivery, use Paykode to buy aitime and enjoy swift service delivery.

Data is life, so buying data with Paykode is a big savings for you. As you can get 1GB 30 days data bundle for as low as N310.

use Paykode to buy aitime and enjoy swift service delivery
Paykode cable subscription is fast and easy.

TV Subscription

Pay your cable subscription without transaction charges, Paykode cable subscription is fast and easy.
Just transfer the TV package amount to your dedicated acccount number and get your TV subscription activated in seconds. No more stress paying bills with paykode.

Open Account

You can also easily access and manage your Paykode profile by opening an account via your web browser.